Wednesday, January 15, 2020

January 2020 Meet Our Artists: Shannon Reynolds/eSKay Arts Collective

Our Members, Fiscally Sponsored Artists, and other program participants represent a wide range of career stages and disciplines. We love them - and, as fellow artists, we're always inspired by them. With this monthly feature, we hope you'll feel the same way!

Name & Pronouns: Shannon Reynolds, she/her/hers

What inspires you?
Humans. How can our everyday events, social interactions, and life stories be transformed into art? How can art influence our everyday events, social interactions, and alter our life stories?

What are you proud of?
eSKay Arts Collective! Six years ago, my Co-Director Kelly and I said, "One day we will have our own company,” and then chuckled at the idea, which we’d always thought would be only a dream. (Follow eSKay Arts Collective on Facebook to learn more about upcoming events and watch videos of previous performances.)

Dance studio photo by Shannon Reynolds.
What are your goals?
To engage individuals through art.

Do you have any advice for your fellow artists?
This is a job which includes administrative responsibilities. Treat it as a job and set aside a specific time each week to complete the administrative tasks which will allow your company to grow.

How does The Field help you?
The Field has allowed us to expand the size of our collective and reach an audience outside of New York City.
Dancer on a subway platform photo by Rick Perez.

©2020 Shannon Reynolds / eSKay Arts Collective

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