Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Under the American Presenters' Radar of Realness

Are you showing work at APAP, UTR, Coil or American Realness or __________ this year?

Do you plan on getting gigs at the Walker or Jacob's Pillow or the Red Cat or __________?

Or do you hope to chat it up with Mark or Mark, Vallejo, Ben, Philip, Ella or _________?

How are you going to make it happen for your 2011?

I usually find this time of year so distressing. Too many quickie excerpted shows with terrible lighting and no sets. Too many desperate artists hawking their undervalued wares. too too too much.

When I read the Belarus news today though I was reminded of how luckyluckylucky we are to do all the things we do.

Congratulations to all the artists and arts-lovers who worked hard to free the Belarus Free Theater. Now go see their show at LaMaMa.

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