Thursday, January 20, 2011

More nuggets-o-wisdom from the wise Morgan von Prelle Pecelli!

In the final class of Project, Proposals and Pitches, Morgan asked students to bring in a 2-page proposal containing a project description, artist statement, artist or company bio and an image representative of their work. Once in-class, students were asked the following questions to measure the efficacy of their proposals and find new ways to better communicate their work.

First Impressions:
Clarity: did you understand what you read?
Impact: did the text express an urgency and clear outcome?

Second Read through:
List the questions you had for the writer. Whatever questions came to mind as you read the 2-pages no matter how minute or conceptual. (not suggestions, questions).

Indepth interrogation:
1. When reading their bio paragraph did you get a sense of their
- history
- values
- vision for the future

2. When reading their project description did you understand
- what the project was?
- how the audience would experience it?
- who was working on it?
- what support it already had?
Did you "see" the project in your mind?

3. When you read the artist statement paragraph did you understand why the artist needed to do this project
- for themselves? (personally and professionally)
- for their audiences?

4. When looking at the image did it
- inspire interest?
- reflect the text/ideas described?
- reflect the artist's voice?
- make you want to see more?
What did it tell you?

5. When reading the entire 2 pages
- did you understand WHO the reader should/could be?
- what if anything was really not clear?
- was the layout (font and format) easy to read? did it also reflect the artist?

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