Monday, January 12, 2009

WPA Fed One "oh oh oh looking for Obama"

Everyone is talking about the next WPA these days. It all seems so pure and idyllic. Isaac Butler at Parabasis is asking some hard questions though about SUPPLY of art outweighing demand. We can blame it all on the dumbing down of the American audience, capitalism, greed, etc but perhaps we gotta take some responsibility ourselves.

Are there toooooooooooooooooo many artists?
Is there toooooooooooooo much bad work?
Have we made it too easy to be an artist with so many MFA programs charging two arms and two legs but not really imparting any hard and fast skills or truths about how to run your arts business?

If we are heading into survival of the fittest and only the "real", dedicated, rigorous artists survive (and some trust fund artists whose parents didn't invest with Madoff) - is this all bad?

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