Friday, January 16, 2009

Arts in Recovery!

Americans for the Arts met with the Obama transition team and told them what we need. There are lots of different proposals out there for this recovery and they include, in theory, the big cheese arts organizations, the little cheeses and the solo cheese artists! The House's recovery proposal is here.

Americans for the Arts reminds us to SPEAK UP, email your reps, write letters, call, know your #s, know why you/we/the arts are important, don't give up, now is the time. WRITE!

I am going to the Inauguration - lucky me. I got a Purple Section ticket from an Idaho Dem. And a official ball event too! I will proudly and loudly be an artist and an arts administrator in our nation's capital. o o o o looking for Obama.

Thank you Americans for the Arts. Thank you artists. Thank you voters. Thank you audience.

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