Friday, October 17, 2008

artists are not invisible to the city!

They like you they really do! I just had a 90-minute meeting with some very influential NYC government movers and shakers talking all about independent emerging and mid-career performing artists (that's you!). We talked about how to: get you all at the table, make our voices louder in the city, combine our efforts for a more unified and strategic impact, and how to stabilize this vital piece of the creative economy (that's you!) in these fraught times.

We at the (capital F) Field are doing our best to get the (small f) field (that's you!) at the table. Funding is just one piece of this puzzle (albeit an important one) - the City can support comprehensive and targeted efforts to strengthen our sector (housing, insurance, small business services, cultural corridors, loan funds, etc etc...) We just have to know what we need, back it up, increase the volume, and ASK!

Times are going to get tough but we are nimble, flexible and ambitious. Now is the time for a dynamic and strategic re-alignment of priorities in this crazy city.

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