Thursday, October 9, 2008

Artist or Cultural Entrepreneur?

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Artist or Cultural Entrepreneur?
ERPA Invention Session #3
Thursday, October 9, 2008, 8:30-10pm
Chez Bushwick

Moderated by Morgan von Prelle Pecelli, Artistic Director, Emerging Artists, 3LD Art & Technology Center and Founder, The Lost Notebook

Ryan Fix, Founder, The Pure Project
Lara Galinsky, Vice President of Strategy, Echoing Green
Jmy Leary, Dance Artist

In any economy, being a professional artist really means that you are on a path to one of three possibilities: (1) get hired by an established artist or company, (2) be a pickup artist (i.e. self-employed freelancer), or (3) start your own company. In all of these cases, you are an entrepreneur with an emerging micro-enterprise – your art. And as the term entrepreneur implies, you have to be willing to take full risk and reward for your new enterprise. However, it seems that we often shy away from taking our work as seriously as we could to optimize our success. Instead of thinking of it as “selling out”, is there a way to buy in? Can we learn to get organized, plan our businesses, and think about our growth, audiences, finances and work as the entrepreneurial enterprises that they are? Are there tools we can learn to use that might guarantee a higher probability of success, sustainability and aesthetic risk taking? Is there a way to be both pragmatic and artistic?

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