Friday, February 1, 2019

A Fond Farewell and a Warm Welcome

This winter marks a time of big changes in The Field's esteemed Board of Directors. First:

Jane Comfort (center) performs with Sponsored Artist Geoff Sobelle (left) for a November 2018 special event honoring James McLaren (foreground, right). Photo by Ian Douglas.


For 20 years choreographer Jane Comfort transformed The Field and our Board of Directors with her wit, smarts and generosity. As a stalwart Board Member Jane connected us with many other artists, thinkers, and new Board members.

From hosting huge dinner parties at her stunning loft to always pushing us to stay true to our radical roots, Jane's heart and soul kept our Board of Directors moving forward. As Jane told us, "I am deeply proud to have served them."

Jane, we are deeply proud that you graced us for 20 years.

Say hello to Rachel!

Stepping up to the plate in Jane's absence is Rachel Erickson Hee. A mother of two children, Rachel is yet another mover-and-shaker: enjoying nights out at the ballet, as well as taking ballroom dance and ballet classes herself.

Rachel comes to us by way of Board Co-Chair Alice de Callata├┐, replacing Asit (Sunny) Mehra and Devon Mosley as the newest face on our Board of Directors.

Please join us in welcoming Rachel to The Field!

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