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April 2018 Meet Our Artists: Kelly Tsai

Our Members, Fiscally Sponsored Artists, and other program participants represent a wide range of career stages and disciplines. We love them - and, as fellow artists, we're always inspired by them. With this monthly feature, we hope you'll feel the same way!

What's your name?
Kelly Tsai

What do you do? Musician & Memoirist, Spoken Word, Theater, Dance, Film, New Media

What inspires you?
Sometimes it's just to put something beautiful into the world. Sometimes it's to ask a question that I'm curious about. Sometimes it's a gift or tribute to people that move me in their conviction and power. The world offers a lot of positive inspiration, and I feel lucky as an artist to have a job that celebrates that.

What are you proud of?
Evolving as an artist over time. Culture changes. Life changes. Relationships change. I feel blessed to continue to follow the heart of my inspiration and learn new ways to express my experiences through a wide array of techniques, mediums, and forms. There are always new relationships to be formed with existing audiences, new audiences, and who I am as an artist. Each day provides another opportunity to learn and grow from within. I'm proud that my work has always stayed true to that.

What are your goals?
To be f*kin' bad-ass & to make work every day.

Do you have any advice for your fellow artists?
The more you trust the universe, the more you'll have time and energy to pour into making the work you love. Stay awake at the wheel. What you loved in the past may not be what you love in the future, and vice versa. The role of the artist in culture is constantly in motion. Be honest with yourself. Respond, support, and nurture what's growing inside of you always.
Time is an interesting and important component in the creative process. Some artistic practices and fields are fast. Some are slow. Some are collaborative. Some are more solitary. There is no set standard for what constitutes the best development for work. Understand what fits best with your personality and how you like to create. Your greatest asset is your psychology and deep belief in the specificity of how you work.

[Ed: Read more about Kelly’s path in this Forbes interview, How Thinking Like an Entrepreneur Helped One Artist Build a Thriving Career.]

How does The Field help you?
When I first started my career in NYC, The Field was extremely helpful in providing nuts and bolts on how to think concretely about an artist career and the process of managing production and creating organizations for independent art-makers. It created a foundation for my continued learning behind the scenes, and the creative labor it takes to get art out to audiences.

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