Monday, April 17, 2017

About The Field's Recommendations for NYC Cultural Planning

The Field is proud to join the growing number of local cultural institutions publicly sharing recommendations for New York City cultural planning. This movement was precipitated by the recent survey findings presented by Create NYC: a plan for managing and organizing resources for arts and culture – the first plan of its kind for the city – commissioned  by the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA).

Organized by the Hester Street Collaborative, Create NYC’s initial planning has drawn criticism for failing to address key issues including gentrification and inequity, as well as for its clear lack of outreach to local communities for their planning input.
A map of the organizations behind the Create NYC survey
The DCLA has until June 30, 2017 to submit a final plan to the City Council of New York – which is why smaller arts organizations like The Field are speaking out now.

The cornerstone of our recommendations is ambitious, but now is the time to THINK! We propose establishing a Center for Arts and Culture Equity. Working with the DCLA, this new organization would research, support, and put in motion best practices and policies for equity in the arts.

Architects of The Field's recommendations for NYC Cultural Funding, Wilfredo Hernandez and Jennifer Wright Cook
The issue of equity drives other recommended measures in our plan which may be easier and more immediately implemented – such as anti-racism training for DCLA grantees, improving employee diversity programs currently in place throughout the city, and allocating more resources to startup artists and historically underfunded areas like the Bronx and Staten Island. We also emphasize the importance of fair wages for artists and administrators working under DCLA grantees.

We invite you to read The Field’s full recommendations for NYC cultural planning here, and encourage you to seek out what your other favorite arts organizations and cultural institutions have to say.

With the June 30 deadline looming, the DCLA is inviting more input from the community by hosting Create NYC discussions throughout the city. Find upcoming events in your area at

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