Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Glimpse Into Artward Bound 2015

What happens when you gather 10 mixed disciplined artists, and a facilitator for 9 days in the hills of western Massachusetts and provide them with space, time, peer-to-peer Fieldwork workshops, and delicious vegetarian food? The answer: Artward Bound!

I experienced a metamorphosis as the seedling of my idea transformed into actual material. I feel inspired and excited to continue my work.
Kirsty Little

Now you can join us to see how Fieldwork works and participate in the critique yourself!  Sign up here.

Artward Bound gave me the time and support to open up my process and take big risks.
Alice Klugherz
Marisa Gruneberg
Artward Bound fosters art-making of all disciplines at an unparalleled qualitative level in a progressive and transformative environment.

Colin Dixon

Artward Bound was a wonderful experience. I'm grateful for the opportunity to develop my work and create in an environment outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.


Having the gift of being planted away from the minutiae of my daily life - in a  a community with no distractions - is exactly the boost I need to make new work.
Alice Klugherz and James Scruggs

Marisa Gruneberg and Laurie Taylor

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have time to work in these beautiful studios and to interact with the amazing facilitator and supportive peers. I feel renewed and inspired!

Facilitator: James Scruggs

Artward Bound has brought a new level of seriousness to my relationship with my work.
Mike Mikos

The experience of Artward Bound was pivotal in my journey as an artist at both a creative and practical level.  I am overflowing with gratitude to have been able to experience this time which, in retrospect, seems like it should be a part of every artists development.
Marlene Nichols

Artward Bound is the kind of program that makes being an artist possible.
Libby Skala

Experience the essence of Artward Bound in Fieldwork this summer.  Sign up for the full 6 weeks  here or ease in with the Open Trial Day, Tuesday July 7 at 6pm.

Quotes by the 2015 Artward Bound Artists:
Robin Conrad, Colin Pip Dixon, Marisa Gruneberg, Alice Klugherz, Kirsty Little, Alisa Matlovsky, Mike Mikos, Marlene Nichols, Libby Skala, Laurie Taylor, and James Scruggs

Photos by Marisa Gruneberg for Artward Bound

This program could not exist without the generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts and individual donors like you!

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