Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our brains are still cookin'!

What happens when the lemming doesn’t run off the cliff?

It keeps thinking. It becomes a non-lemming?


1. Digital natives versus Digital immigrants? (Sarah A.O. Rosner: often the immigrants have the most impact on the culture itself!)

2. The widening gap in the haves and the have-nots (Mathew Heggem: the open source revolution that must be paid attention to!)

3. Social media is still in the womb! (Mathew again!)

4. Marketing is changing in leaps and bounds! Do you still even need or want an old-fashioned paper review in the NYTimes? If you have a Board and institutional funders do you need these kinds of validators to prove your worth?

5. Pina Bausch didn't blog and look at her! (uh, uh, uh??)

6. Do audiences differentiate between "experts" and non-experts? Who/what drives your audiences ticket buying/donation practices?

7. Authority! It is all changing so fast. Who are the gatekeepers now?

8. Generation gaps? Sarah A.O. Rosner: “my brain is developmentally different from yours.” Social media changes the game. We engage differently. We create our identities differently now (online!). We are different.

9. "Why aren't they commenting on my blog post?" Because one minute they are commenting on your blog and the next on Facebook and the next on Twitter and the next on......It's not just one place and it's not just your place. Follow the bouncing verbiage......

Isn’t it amazing what cooks when you leave the pot on the stove?

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