Thursday, March 10, 2011


From the indefatigable Norma Munn at NYC Arts Coalition:

Time to Speak Out

State budget negotiations are moving, sort of. Both the Senate and the Assembly are in the process of producing their versions of the budget. (That will give us three versions, for those who wonder about this process.)

After those additional two versions, the Assembly and the Senate are supposed to start meeting in conferences between the various committees of each legislative body. If the announced schedule is followed, those conference committees start on March 15.

Time to put some extra effort into convincing the Assembly and Senate members to restore $2.8 million to the State Council on the Arts. (Note: please refer to NYSCA as the State Council on the Arts in these communications. Experienced staff recognizes NYSCA, but not everyone has been there long enough to know the all the abbreviations.)

What you can do:

Go to and send an email or letter to your Assembly and Senate member. (No later than Friday, please.)

If you choose the email option, send a letter on your letterhead to your Assembly and Senate member, scheduled to reach them no later than March 15. (Fax is fine.) Brevity is greatly appreciated.

Call their office on March 14 or 15th, and leave a message that you are asking them to support restoration of $2.8 million to the State Council on the Arts.

Contact two offices of the leadership, also on March 14 or 15th:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, phone 518-455-3791. Fax is 518-455-5459, if you prefer a letter; if you prefer email.

Majority Leader Dean Skelos, phone is 518-455-3171. Fax is 518-426-6950, if you prefer a letter; if you prefer email.

We simply are not turning out enough messages, so please don’t assume that someone else will do this. And please keep these phone, fax and email addresses. This is likely to require some follow up.

AND, PLEASE, pay your membership renewal dues. Form attached. No letters being sent this year. Everything is via email. Call or email if you have questions, but FYI, member dues are 95% of our income, so it is truly important that you support us. Thanks.

Norma P. Munn
New York City Arts Coalition
809 West 181 St., #163
New York, NY 10033
212-246-3788 (phone) 646-688-3672 (fax)

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