Monday, February 7, 2011

Arts Day

I hate to admit it but I am often a cynic about advocacy. I just don't fully believe that the big boys who run the machine (and it still feels like an old boys machine) are really listening to us small peeps. But still I send my e-petitions and I go to public hearings and I speak up.

And this year The Field is sending 3 artists and one staff member up to Albany to talk the talk and walk the walk!! Connie Hall, Whitney V. Hunter, Will Rawls and our own Audra Lang will be at 33rd and 8th Avenue at the vigorous hour of 7am to ride a sleek bus up to Albany to meet with the fancy folks who make the decisions (is my cynicism sneaking out?). Add your e-voice to their voices and

It's true: the whole arts sector (and that's YOU!) is at risk this year. If you haven't heard, New York State is slashing the budget in every possible nook and cranny. It will hurt. Speak up now and maybe maybe it will hurt a bit less.

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