Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why America Needs Artists (It's Not What You Think)

Consider this a call to arms!!!....errr, I mean to arts, to YOU, the artists!!!
In this compelling keynote address, Arlene Goldbard paints us all on the verge of an impactful paradigm shift. With wit and calm poise, she rabble rouses to move us, the artists, to help resolve our world's most pressing issues with our compassion, creative intelligence and capacity for empathy, intuition, and understanding. So what's next then? You tell us.

This speech is truly a treat. I'd encourage you to put it on your netflix cue, but alas, we're the only ones with the exclusive footage, so you'll have to watch it here. Take it in...consider the message. We know you'll be moved to decisive action through art! Make sure to keep us in the loop.


Bettina said...

This is wonderful. Is there a written transcript of her remarks available?

cookie! said...

Bettina! Yes, there is a transcript available! Email me at jennifer@thefield.org and I will send it to you!