Friday, September 3, 2010

Pass the Bucket? I don't think so (from Theater THE)

Promoting an arts organization in New York is daunting enough.

But what if you have a theater organization that also has a built-in music performance group?

Or what if you just have a music group but perform theatrically, or are actually just a band?

There are many ways now to promote and actually make money for your music group without having to just rely on passing the bucket at some grungy club. In fact, the number of cool websites that help you grow your music far exceed the the number of sites to help you promote theater.

Actually when I think about it there are very few sites for theater strategic promotion.

Of course music can reach a way larger amount of people; and as opposed to theater you can gain fans and followers without them actually being in front of you or seeing you live.

My company Theater THE and our band The Renaldo The Ensemble actually have most of our fan base because folks have seen our live shows. We can keep in touch with them and let them know what is going on with us through various sites. Many of our fans are in Europe so it is essential that they stay in the loop as they are not always reading Time Out/New York. We use Facebook and it has proven to be a very useful tool along with the My Band app that is made by Reverbnation. Reverbnation is a great site that helps you reach out to fans, start marketing street teams and share all your media. The My Band app can be shared right on your profile and all of the widgets can be embedded onto your website etc.

What do you use to promote your music or theater or dance work? Share your successes with us please! And your pitfalls!
From, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Theater THE

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