Monday, January 25, 2010

OurGoods is running a storefront! is really picking up speed! I'm writing from the storefront we opened last night: Trade School at 139 Norfolk in the Lower East Side. For the next 30 days, we'll have nightly classes, daily co-working for Trade School teachers, and barter agents available to the public from 3-6pm. Sign up for a class here by meeting one of the teacher's barter needs.

Trade School classes are taught by members of the OurGoods alpha network. Sharing skills and hanging out at the storefront will foster better working relationships. I want to know what you do! Let's get to know each other as rigorous artists with a wide range of talents. Come visit in the afternoon or evening and meet other people who want to share skills, spaces, and objects.

We have a month long storefront space because OurGoods co-founder Rich Watts bartered a lot of design work with Grand Opening. From there, we made a chalkboard and built 16 tables and 16 chairs with salvaged materials- we only paid for 1 sheet of plywood and finish paint! Co-founder Louise Ma made an incredibly beautiful flag that we will fly every day. The space will be reconfigured each day. Last night at the opening, Athena Kokoronis brought her mobile kitchen and exchanged gestures for cake. Martyna Szczesna set up a portrait studio and took 100+ photos. This week, we have classes about foraging for mushrooms, business and art, running an LLC, organizing an arts festival, and making kimchee. Classes start today!

Online, OurGoods is being tested by around 100 people! We are still fine-tuning the site, and expect to launch in the Spring. Stop in the storefront and talk to me (Caroline) if you'd like to join this early group of testers online.

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