Friday, August 7, 2009

Live theater streaming online? do I really want to watch this?

Thanks again and as always to Thomas Cott for pointing this out.

Apparently Pittsburgh beat the theater capital (aka NYC) to the punch and is premiering LIPLO (Live and In Person and Live and Online) in September.

How many folks will log-in to watch?

How many DSLs and T1s will time out and make the action unbearable to watch and the dialogue disjointed?

Will this make folks more likely to go to live theater?
Will it cut into ticket sales for the Company?

Did these guys talk to Chris Anderson about his new book "Free" (see our last post)?
What did we learn from the Met's freebie outdoor Hi-Def movie screenings in NYC last year? and what about TenduTV with its free and paid access to dance video? and MediciTV that streams esteemed music festivals like Verbier for $$$?

Would you watch a live theater show or dance piece on your computer screen? Would you skip the fee-based community experience? Would you invite friends over to sit in your apartment and watch? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Tell me!


Fat Kid Dancing said...

I just want to take a moment here and say:
Pittsburgh did not beat NYC to the punch.
Artists here in NYC have been streaming their work for audiences to view and using streaming technology to collaborate across continents for YEARS.
What is pathetic is that Pittsburgh clearly has better access to the Press than NYC.

cookie! said...

Thanks for the correction Fat Kid! It is super discouraging to think that Pittsburgh has better access to NYC press (and the converse? that NYC press looks harder at non-NYC artists???)