Thursday, August 27, 2009

If it's broke, fix it. Recommendations from some savvy arts folks

A gaggle of us formed an ad hoc think tank (action tank!) to deal with the arts and the crazy world at large. Our first public action as the Collective Arts Think Tank (CATT) is now live. It is a dense but heartfelt analysis of the field and recommendations for the future. READ IT and don't weep. Comment, percolate, digest, take action, read it again. To whet your appetite, here's one of my favorite parts.

"Most artists and arts professionals do what we do because we love the work. That is, we did not enter the field of contemporary dance, theater and performance art because it offered a stable career, high wages or broad acclaim, although all three would be welcome. We entered it because we felt compelled, driven, liberated, saved, or any combination of the above. That deep sense of calling has also engendered, in some cases, innovative, organic solutions to longstanding shortages and roadblocks, and in other cases counterproductive and damaging habits, practices and mindsets within the field. Following are examples of a few strategies that do work, and a few prevalent notions that we feel are outmoded and unhelpful."

It's already getting comments on CATT and postings on WNYC.

I feel super proud to be a part of Collective Arts Think Tank and our efforts to get things moving in a proactive and positive way. Here't to the future!

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