Friday, June 19, 2009

Art critics on the demise?

The ever-wise, sassy, and determined Elizabeth Zimmer says the cold, hard truth about the death of intelligent dance criticism. It's all scary but true. Thanks to my pal Wayne Hazzard at the hard-working Bay Area arts service org, Dancers' Group for pointing me toward Elizabeth's writing.

and to add to the Zimmer-ness: please give a listen to my perennial obsession, Studio 360 (Kurt Anderson I love you!), talk about "Reinventing the Critic: In today's scary media landscape -- full of layoffs and closing papers -- arts coverage is especially vulnerable. Arts critics must invent new ways to do what they do. Film critic Mike D'Angelo and visual art critic Lori Waxman are two journalists blazing that trail."

My favorite part of the Studio 360 clip is the truly innovative suggestion that FUNDERS FUND criticism and the education of critics. Yikes. Wow. Does anyone do this? Could they do this? Who funds the glorious and smart Movement Research Journal? My second favorite part is the clip about who lasts a long-time in the arts field. Any guesses? the young and the trust-funded! Oh boy. Classism and ageism are rampant, no? Please disagree.

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