Monday, May 11, 2009

Smackdown is upon us!!!

Preparing for the New Economy Smack Down... tick, tick, tick... it's happening at Galapagos this Wednesday evening, 7pm!!! LEARN MORE & RSVP

Several of our panelists were involved in an awesome conversation on Clauda La Rocco's WNYC's quite a bit of content, but certainly a worthwhile read to get your wheels turning for the Smackdown: CHECK IT OUT HERE

Planning to attend Wednesday's event? TAKE THIS SURVEY!!! It's quick and easy, and will help us know more about where you are coming from, to get the most out of the Smackdown.

While talking about the economy can seem like a seriously heavy topic, I'm looking forward to seeing people and picking their brains...I mean, everyone is so worried about the economy right now. But how can we learn from each other to weather this storm? How can we turn fear and anxiety into constructive tension and creative resolution??

Plus this could even end up being FUN, we are going to be at GALAPAGOS after all!!! There is a 1,600 square feet lake inside with red leather island seating. And there is going to be a performance by aerialist dance artist Lisa Natoli.

Looking forward to another good healthy dose of Economic Revitalization for Performing Artists!!!

(Photo of Lisa Natoli by Galapagos)

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