Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She landed an ilab at iland!

From ERPA artist Caroline Woolard!

"I thought I should let you know that 3 friends and I got the iLAB grant www.ilandart.org/ !! [ilab's] Jennifer Monson doesn't require "deliverables" and really just wants us to invest in process. I'm so excited! I will be starting a blog/website with podcasts, interviewing Gary Lincoff about his experiences hanging out with John Cage on the mushroom walks that included Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Allan Kaprow, Lois Long, maybe Cunningham etc..."

And the more "professional" version:
Caroline Woolard, Christopher Kennedy, Athena Kokoronis, and Kate Cahill just received an iLAB grant to work with mycologist Gary Lincoff on a project called StrataSpore. We will use mushrooms as material and metaphor for latent potential and unseen infrastructure.

StrataSpore is a platform for collective knowledge about local NYC ecosystems and its potential for applications in urban sustainability. The platform will cultivate “spores” of knowledge by combining elements of task/performance-based art, experiential learning, and experimental design practice that implements a dialogue about unseen, natural and man-made systems as sites for restorative sustainability applications. Our focus will be directed on the mushroom, and its potential for changing the ecology within a landscape. We invite communities and individuals to partake in a multidisciplinary practice of visualization and re-interpretation of natural systems (mycology) as models for community engagement. Based on the connective function and form of mushroom ecology, StrataSpore will harness local fungi as a model for engagement and re-interpretation of living in urban spaces."

AN INVESTMENT IN THE CREATIVE PROCESS!!! yes, amen, brava, salut. Go iland.

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