Monday, February 9, 2009

Investor model for art?

Trust Art? an innovative way to support artistic entrepreneurs AND to make some money yourself? I love it. Will it work? I have my usual skeptical questions: Who are these investors? How will they find Trust Art? Will they invest sight unseen in any of the sponsored projects because they love and trust Trust Art? We'll watch and wait (and hope!)

It just so happens that one of The Field's Members, Propel-Her dance collective, is one of Trust Art's inaugural recipients. (FYI: We had ZERO to do with Propel-Her's selection for Trust Art! The Field doesn't curate and we don't play favorites! )

And from the same folks at Trust Art:
Making artistic innovators famous? It seems a wee odd to me that the folks ranked as having "artistic capital" also have "society/philanthropic capital" but then in certain circles I suppose art = wealth = society (not in our circles but ok!)

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