Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fans fund your creative process?

Can the dance and theater world borrow this innovation from the music world? ArtistShare gets fans to fund their favorite music artists " in exchange for access to the creative process, limited edition recordings, VIP access to recording sessions and even credit listing on the CD." Artistshare is built around the artist and supports the fans!! Apparently they have helped alot of jazz musicians comprehensively build their careers. Can we use this idea??


reagan said...

Artist Share has taken ideas used in the mainstream entertainment industry (bonus material, to discourage illegal downloads and bootlegging) in order to secure advance funding for projects. Similar efforts have been done in theater (sit in on a rehearsal, dinner with the cast); however, the Artist Share model reaches a larger audience (focusing on the music community and not supporters of a specific arts group). I am looking forward to implementing some of their business tools into my own projects. Thank you for sharing this site.

Jennifer said...

Reagan, thanks for your comment. FYI I met with ArtistShare Founder Brian Camillio at Joe's Pub on Monday (at the Future of Music event) and he is VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about working with dance and theater artists and companies. He is very passionate about artists and how to help them build their dreams. And you are totally right re. the "sit in on rehearsal/dinner with cast" ideas that we have all done. The question I have is "what can we do that has an "infinite inventory?" (ie. easily replicable "product") that doesn't require us/the artist to be physically present for each effort. What can we "sell" that isn't us? Please keep me posted on how it goes for you!