Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Starving Artist: Fact or Fiction: Non-Profit Doesn’t = No Money

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Starving Artist: Fact or Fiction: Non-Profit Doesn’t = No Money
ERPA Invention Session #1
Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 7:30-9:30pm
Galapagos Art Space

Moderated by Sara Juli, Performance Artist, Director of Development at Dance Theater Workshop

Robert Elmes, Director, Galapagos Art Space
Amanda Clayman, Financial Wellness Program, The Actors Fund
Chris Ajemian, Artist, Entrepreneur
Brian Newman, CEO, Tribeca Film Institute

What makes us think that we're a 'sell out' if we make money from our art? Why do we seem to believe that we must suffer to make great art, yet we pine away for the seemingly Utopian government sponsored art cultures of Berlin and Brussels? Is there something inherently hierarchical and damaging in the 'gift economy' that the arts and philanthropy work in? The non-profit model that most artists use may not be the best model for our work, yet we gravitate to it like lemmings. What about being for-profit or for-benefit? What do those things even mean? What about LLCs and L3Cs and what about a blend model?

This program is presented by The Field as part of the ERPA program. View panelist bios and learn more.

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Jennifer said...

What a great night! Thank you all for attending and adding your voice to the mix.

Things that stuck with me: MAKE YOUR ART. make it, make it, clarify it, hone it, talk about it, believe in it and again and again and again.

THINK HARD before you dive into fiscal sponsorship or non-profit status or LLC or _________? Talk to an accountant, find out about your options, analyze your resources and your goals and your plans. BE CONSCIOUS AND BE BOLD.

We will post the audio by Friday, we will also post some resources for y'all re. organizational models, and non vs. for-profit info and some helpful websites.